Objectives of the project:

The overall project objective is to contribute in reducing the rate of literacy in Guinea - Bissau.
The specific objectives of the project are:
- Support the achievement of functional literacy for youth and adults within the training course and Mercy and Training-CTMS.

- Encourage a climate of friendship between students of Christian centers CTMS (Bethlehem neighborhoods / Bandim and Antula)
- Promote actions to increase the effectiveness of programs to combat poverty and social exclusion and promote innovative activities among students and teachers in the schools;
- Establish / foster interaction (network) between institutions, groups and people of Guinea Bissau, starting with the families of our schools.

- Promote to persons or groups who are in poverty / exclusion on the one hand, and on the staff intervention (professionals, social workers, leaders of private institutions of social solidarity), on the other hand, social integration and organization services and other activities aimed mainly cultural, economic, moral and physical development of persons who are in poverty / exclusion.