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TThe Santana’s couple since 1994 are in Guinea Bissau, were in missionary work in northern Guinea, closely met the needs of that villages, and that created in their hearts a burning desire to help minimize the distress that people suffered so was born the Mercy Relief in Guiné-Bissau/Portugal Project, and some years later was built in Antula neighborhood, one of the schools of this project that receives more than 400 children.
In the neighborhood of Belem are about 200 children.

Our team is composed of 18 professors, 600 students between 4 and 18 years (many of them orphans) in two schools of different neighborhoods, villages with large increase of inhabitants. We also have 78 workers (nursing assistants) were as many volunteers in the Simão Mendes National Hospital in the capital Guinean and now some of them are studying School of Nursing of Guinea-Bissau for a better scientific preparation.

Our two schools are operating according to the laws ruling in the country and have the gold to teach students (children of Muslims and animists among others) to know the letters through a creative teaching of dances, songs and a series of teachings of culture itself awakening in each child's interest in better assimilate what they are taught.

This system is praised by the Ministry of Education in Guinea-Bissau.
In health, the volunteer workers of the Simão Mendes National Hospital, are developing an excellent job praised by the director and hospital administrators including the Minister of Health of Guinea-Bissau sent at that time the Minister of Health of Brazil, Mr. José Serra, and the CPLP Executive Secretary, Dr. Dulce Pereira, a letter in which he acknowledged and praised the work done by the missionary Djalma and his team on this project.

We are challenged by the Ministry of Health of Guinea-Bissau to build a clinic in a populated neighborhood and with high rates of tropical diseases. This would be our base health mounted in Guinea-Bissau. This challenge was already in our hearts and is a strategy to move forward with the God plans has guided us. But for this we need workers in education (counselors, teachers, etc), health professionals (auxiliary nurses, nurses, doctors, dentists etc...), Short or long term.
Besides workers we need resources to perform the tasks. For installation of our clinic, we need all the equipment, from a simple clamp to the support of medical and location for the operation of the same.
In the schools, we need materials, also two generators, and school furniture. We need partnerships with churches and members.

- Be part of this same vision, participating with sending workers, financial support, supplies and support campaigns. We rely on NGOs or businesses that want their taxes through cash donations to the project, which we have all necessary documentation for these donations.
In the Bible talks about the story of two dreamers, were among the twelve spies. However, his views were different.
The ten became problem; them, the solution. The ten saw obstacles; them, the way. Ten impressed with the size of the giant, the two, the size of God. Ten focused on what could not be done, and two, which could be executed by the Power of God.
And God honored their courage.

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