Mercy and Rescue Project (AMISPA), was born due to existential needs tha we found where we operate, which means these have the real insight of the difficulties there in, lack of roads, lack of information, medical care, schooling, overall lack the necessary resources vital to their survival.

The high rate of children, adolescents and women without the opportunity to read and write due to the work that they are forged to perform. For example, manual labor in the fields without any recourse for their proper execution, women who will collect wood, street vendors of vegetables and greens, hard work of extracting palm oil and more and more ......

However, due to these occupations, largely motivated by ignorance, has high every day, what we consider as the increase of people this ground without opportunity of access to education, always treading the chronic illiteracy.
Seeing the situation unfold before our eyes, restless, takes us as first responders to train teachers and build schools in these locations less tangible in order to significantly reduce the rate of illiteracy in the country.

The area of education referred to the project, is located in the neighborhoods of Bandim / Bethlehem (PMS2) and Antula (PMS1), which respectively have about 600 students in those neighborhoods.
In these locations its concentrated 33% of the population belonging to Pepel and Balanta ethnic that forme the total population of Guinea Bissau, arriving in search of better conditions of life and unfortunately faced with a harsh reality, lack of infrastructure prepared for receive employment and social assistance necessary.

Due to this fact, the Mercy and Rescue Project (AMISPA) launches the attention on capital of Bissau, obviously with intent / purpose of subsequently extended to more poor villages.