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Development and improvement of the education system is one of the main objectives of the village of Amispa N'sunte and in the Guinean capital, where our project meets some difficulties due to lack of financial and humanitarian aid, though with some difficulty, could deploy another school in the district Amispa Missera, one of the most populated and deprived the city of Bissau, where in each entry are charged a nominal fee, so that families can also appreciate our hard work, daily, to keep all educational activities to function with all necessary assistance for the effective use of pupils.

The diagnosis of the education sector in Guinea-Bissau shows weak progress in school coverage, at all levels of the education system, but since Amispa was implanted in this country and thanks to our contribution, we have done everything to take this course other direction and that the people of Guinea-Bissau in existing neighborhoods where Amispa is, overcome the grave problems of a failing educational system of the country and that the school access be available to everyone.

A very sad curiosity:
Girls are twice less likely to finish primary school than boys, and to combat such a difference Amispa has made great progress through the construction of infrastructure distribution of teaching materials, textbooks, school supplies, etc., (as before were virtually nonexistent), but the main target will be the construction of a complex school with a capacity of terms students from pre-school to secondary education, ie, until the 12th year, preparing them for college national or international .
For this dream come true, the Camara de Bissau has taken the first step, so defining of our land legalization through the Directorate of Urban Planning with an area of 1.921 m2 located in lots 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14, as shown in records of the Municipality of Bissau, which was authorized by the current President, His Excellency Mr. Eng. Armando Napoco.

Click here to see the mapi para ver o mapa provided by the Municipality of Bissau Amispa where the school will be located.